Understanding Our Differences

Welcome to Understanding our Differences at Bowen

UOD is a unique disability awareness program implemented in the Newton Elementary Schools for all 3rd, 4th & 5th graders. Through UOD, students receive information, interactive learning activities & inspirational guest speakers.


The kids gain insights to the challenges faced by others through experiential learning. Through a number of in-school activities, we immerse our children in the experience of how people who might have a physical or mental challenge feel, sense the world, communicate, and interact with others on a daily basis.


What can you do to help?

The UOD program is run almost entirely by trained parent volunteers.

http://peopletopeople.com/assets/default/images/layout/hero-nav-teachers.jpg Volunteers help with one or more unit presentations by leading small group activities with the students. Total time commitment: 1 hour of training & 2 hours of helping in the classroom: 3 hours total per unit. You can help with as many unit presentations as you would like to. We always need more helping hands!



To learn more, visit http://understandingourdifferences.org


Many thanks to our Coordinators and  Volunteers for making OUD possible!