Getting Kids to School Safely

Ways to get kids to school:

  • Walk from home –Wake up ten minutes earlier. It’s good for the brain and good for the body. If your child is responsible enough, s/he can walk with a buddy from the
    neighborhood and perhaps an adult that walks regularly to keep an eye out.
  • Park and walk – If you need to drive to get closer to school, park on one of the side
    streets nearby where parking is allowed and walk your child to school.
  • Park and drop – Find a safe place to park fairly close to school and allow your child (who is responsible enough) to walk to school on his/her own from that point.
  • Bus – Bus passes for K-5 students are free and available for students who live over a
    mile. Students who live less than a mile may also be able to get a bus pass if there is
    availability on the bus. Current bus stops for Bowen are listed here. More information on how to apply for a bus pass is here. Students arriving at Bowen from outside of Newton may also arrive on the bus.
  • Utilize Langley Path – There is a circle and long driveway off of Langley Rd that
    continues all the way to the Bowen Upper Field. This is a convenient and safe pick up
    area for children who are independent enough to walk to or from there alone or with a buddy. Alternatively, it’s a safe place to park and walk your child to or from school.
  • Blue Zone – If you are able to abide by all of the Blue Zone Rules, you may use the Blue Zone to drop or pick up your child outside of the front of school. Please see the Blue Zone rules below.

Important tips to be Safe:

  • Only park in areas safe for parking. Areas marked “no parking” are not safe for parking –even for a minute.
  • Cross the street only where crosswalks are available.
  • Keep crosswalks free of vehicles to keep crossing children safe. Do not park in a crosswalk. Double parking on Cypress (or anywhere) is not legal nor safe.
  • It is illegal (and unhealthy) to idle a car within 100 feet of a school. Turn off your car if parked.
  • Children should only exit cars onto sidewalks and not directly onto the street.
  • The Bowen staff parking lot is off limits to all parent cars during school hours.
  • Walking to and from school with a buddy is safer than walking alone. You know when your child is ready to walk to or from school with a buddy. Encourage this independence when he/she is ready.
  • Your children are watching you; be a role model and make safe and responsible choices.

Blue Zone Rules:

  • You may only use the Blue Zone if you and your child can follow all of the rules below. If not, the Blue Zone is not for you.
  • Children must get in and out of the car quickly, by themselves. This includes the use of seat belts, managing car seat and booster belts, opening/closing car doors and carrying their backpacks in and out of the car.
  • Drivers may not get out of the car.
  • Blue zone is a live zone – no parking at all.
  • Do not double park. It is illegal and unsafe. Park nearby and walk or find an alternative plan such as Langley path.
  • Please arrive at school when the school day ends.
  • Continue to Parker Street. Never make illegal U-turns outside of Bowen on Cypress
    Street or on Bow Rd – this includes turning around in privately-owned driveways – as
    children are walking on the sidewalks.

If you have any questions or need help getting to school safely please email  or