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PTO Directory – Last Chance

Each year the Bowen Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) creates and distributes a school directory listing every student by class as well as their parent/guardian contact information.  This information is then used to populate our PTO email list.  This information is great to have for coordinating activities, such as parties or play-dates, with other families.  If your… Read More »

Creative Arts and Sciences Program

The Creative Arts and Sciences Program could use your help!  CAS brings top notch, curriculum-related programs to Bowen’s classrooms. Through CAS programming, students get to meet best-selling authors, conduct hands-on science experiments, explore American history, apply mathematical concepts, and experience a broad range of cultures through dance, music, storytelling—and much more.  If you are able to come to… Read More »

Library Volunteers – its not too late!

Volunteering in the Bowen library is a unique opportunity to spend time with your child’s class on a regular basis. Each year, a small army of dedicated volunteers will work with our new library, Ms. Riordan, to allow the Bowen library to maintain the largest book circulation among all the NPS elementary schools!  Most of… Read More »