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A couple of PTO reminders

You should have seen a packet of information come home related to our Bowen Walks the Walk annual fundraiser.  You can bring in your donation envelopes all week beginning on October 16 through October 20 and put them in our Walks the Walk box in the front lobby of the School.

This is our fall fundraising event for the PTO and one in which we hope to engage the children in the spirit of reaching out to our neighbors for donations.  The donations raised will first go towards purchasing some new gym equipment for the school as well as support the PTO.  Your neighbors can support our students by sponsoring them to Walk in our Bowen Walks the Walk event.  More information on this is below and will be coming home in your children’s backpacks on Tuesday.  One NEW addition this year is a raffle prize which you can read more about below!!!



Bowen Walks the Walk

Bowen PTO is excited to announce our 7th annual Fall Fundraiser

Bowen Walks the Walk

Let’s get the kids outside to Walk the Walk on October 20!  Walks the Walk is a walk-a-thon held during the day so everyone can participate.  The kids learn about volunteerism and the satisfaction of earning money for their school.  And they get in the team spirit with their own Bowen T-Shirt!

In addition to our usual contributions to the classrooms and curriculum-enhancement through the Creative Arts and Sciences program, this year we are hoping to raise money to buy new equipment for Physical Education classes.  Our new P.E. teacher would like us to contribute exercise balls, pinnies, scooters and soccer goals and cones.  And, if we have money left over, we may be able to help our teachers with some mini-grants for new programs they want to try!

Please encourage your children to reach out to friends, neighbors, grandparents, and other relatives to sponsor them for the event.  Kids walk for a 30-minute period and collect sponsorships to support their efforts – $5, $10, $15, $20 – whatever amount works.

This is a voluntary donation and any amount is welcome.  100% of the money raised goes to our PTO for the school.

Taking part is easy:

  • Kids can begin fundraising by telling sponsors: “I am walking to raise money for my school. The funds are used to support teachers, bring special programs to our school, and purchase technology to use in the classroom.”
  • Have your child collect the donations, add them up, and keep a tally of the money they raise.
  • There is no limit on the number of sponsors your child can have.
  • Turn in sponsor sheets (see back page) and all donations by October 20. We will have a box marked “Bowen Walk” in the lobby. Checks should be made out to the Bowen PTO.
  • On the day of the event, October 20, the classes will participate in walk activities in the morning.
  • The PTO will give every child a T-shirt that morning to wear for the event. Every child will receive a shirt regardless of whether or not they participated in the fundraising.

New this year:  Any student who raises more than $40 will be automatically entered into a raffle with two winners.  The first winner drawn will have their choice of one of two prizes and the second winner will receive the remaining prize:

  • Nintendo 2DS-Electric Blue 2 w/Mario Kart 7 Console and USB Sync Charge USB Cable; or
  • 3 tickets to the Boston Celtics vs. Milwaukee Bucks on December 4 in Club Section 115.

More information will be sent home on Tuesday!!

Bowen PTO Volunteer Opportunities

We’re still looking for a few more volunteers to help us during the year.  Please sign up to help organize one (or more) of our Bowen events.  Your children will remember these great events for years to come, and will be proud of your efforts to make them happen.  Please sign up on our volunteer page by clicking here and we will provide you with more information about the events and how you can help!


Bonnie and Chris

New England Percussion Ensemble Visit

Creative Arts + Sciences kicked off the year with an outstanding all-school program by New England Percussion Ensemble on Thursday.  Using a wide variety of instruments from around the world — from hollow logs to trash bags to snare drums to a marimba and more — the three piece ensemble took students on a musical journey from ancient times right up to today.
Ask your child:  what kinds of instruments did the cave dwellers use?  What are examples of “found” instruments?  How can music be used to speak and communicate? (Hint, “the elephants are coming!”).  What kinds of instruments can you make with things you already have at home?
Students were not only exposed to the percussion family of instruments, but also encouraged to explore their own creativity. Grounded in a a multi-ethnic approach to music, the program is designed to develop an awareness that music is fundamental to human emotion and expression, a universal language that connects us all.  This program was brought to our students by Bowen’s Creative Arts + Sciences program, which is funded entirely by the PTO.
Thank you for your support of this great program!

Mystery Dinner – Parent Event

It’s time for the Bowen Mystery Dinner again this fall:  an event for Bowen parents to meet each other, where the mystery is, who you have dinner with!  It’s a great way to meet other Bowen parents and connect with ones you already know!

We’d like to hold the event on Saturday, November 4th, but to do so we need volunteers to be hosts for:

  • Dinner –  hosts who just provide dinner (no apps or desserts) and able to accommodate 6 or more guests.  Feel free to choose a theme or cuisine that you love and want to share with others.  Buffets and “sit-down” dinners are both welcome!
  • Desserts – a host (or couple of friends) for the dessert portion of the evening where all attendees (~60) regroup to cap off the evening.

Feel free to team up with a friend (or two or three if you are a dessert host!) to share the responsibility.

If you’re interested in finding out more about hosting a portion of the event, please email Stephanie Jernigan at OR sign-up on the PTO volunteer sign-up here.

Tickets are not on sale just yet (they will be $40 per person), but if you’d like to attend then please visit and we’ll let you know when tickets go on sale!