Thank you – BOOwen Halloween Party Volunteers!

By | November 2, 2017

We hope everyone had a great Halloween!  Many thanks to everyone who volunteered to help with the Halloween party.  In particular, thanks to the Dalzell/DeLellis, Mathews, and Gomez families for decorating the school on Friday night.  New members of the Bowen community Marla Cartin and her mother, Louise Welz, organized all of the food at the party – and definitely improved the Halloween party’s usual fare!

Thanks to Diane Gomez for running the costume contest, and to our set-up volunteers Jess Brooks, Eileen Dibb, Dave Landau, Michelle Schuder, Erica Neufeld, Carolyn Evan, Simi Padival, and Caroline Lu.

And a big thank you to everyone who volunteered at the event:  Noga Haimovich, Roshni Mohan, Erin Venkatesh, Karen Rizner, Emily Farbman, Anna Hnasko, Marcy Krasnow, Lisa Quintiliani, Sara Looby, Daniela Bradley, Rebecca Platt, Roni Tevet, Hilla Hoitash, Galina Perlin, Farnaz Haghseta, Laura Scharf, Alice Truong, Kaz Hayashida, and David Ford.

Finally, a tremendous thank you to Alemnesh Yesuf, John and Alex Fox, and Radhika Matthews who helped us clean it all up at the end of the night!

Thank you EVERYONE for a great night together with our Bowen friends.