New England Percussion Ensemble Visit

By | October 6, 2017
Creative Arts + Sciences kicked off the year with an outstanding all-school program by New England Percussion Ensemble on Thursday.  Using a wide variety of instruments from around the world — from hollow logs to trash bags to snare drums to a marimba and more — the three piece ensemble took students on a musical journey from ancient times right up to today.
Ask your child:  what kinds of instruments did the cave dwellers use?  What are examples of “found” instruments?  How can music be used to speak and communicate? (Hint, “the elephants are coming!”).  What kinds of instruments can you make with things you already have at home?
Students were not only exposed to the percussion family of instruments, but also encouraged to explore their own creativity. Grounded in a a multi-ethnic approach to music, the program is designed to develop an awareness that music is fundamental to human emotion and expression, a universal language that connects us all.  This program was brought to our students by Bowen’s Creative Arts + Sciences program, which is funded entirely by the PTO.
Thank you for your support of this great program!